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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day[9] Daily #169


Last night, Day[9] did his 169th daily which focused on multiple variants of the Protoss 4-gate strategy. His brilliant analysis partnered with his deep knowledge of the game gives an extremely insightful look into one of the most popular and strong strategies developed for the Protoss race.

Do you have a favorite strategy you follow in your games? Let us know in the comments!

Also be sure to check out Day[9]'s daily live every Sunday to Thursday at 7:00 PM PST:
You can check out Day[9]'s daily archive here as well:


  1. Im actually a terran player and cant stop playing lol... i just want to get better.

    Feel free to check out my blog about computers through my profile thanks.

  2. checking you out again i didnt realize it earlier but we're friends on facebook lol

  3. Protoss are really weird!

  4. I might need to check out Starcraft 2, Im more of a FPS player but this looks cool enough to play.

  5. Hit fast, hit hard and take all their women!

    Oh wait, that's the Vikings.

    I was always fond of getting a load of small units out quickly and swarming the enemy with numbers.

  6. Interesting, i've never seen the 4 gate strategy before!

  7. That's cool, but I'm not as interested in this "day" crap as other Starcraft players are... I feel out of the loop =[

  8. 4 gate is soo cheese, I use it a lot but in the uppers I think they use it less and less.

  9. Very interesting news report
    This should be good
    read my blog too!

  10. I have only played Starcraft II a couple of times at the local netcafe. But me and my friends like to go Terran and just mass marines, really just mass them to no end.
    We are ofc noobs and only play vs other noobs or vs the computer :P Still pretty fun.
    Anyway, I'm mainly a warcraft 3 player, but I will most certainly pick up starcraft II when I can afford it :)
    Check out my blog about warcraft III, it is about the competetive scene and strategies.